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Swedish American Genealogist [SAG] is a quarterly journal, published by The Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center of Rock Island, Illinois, founded in 1981 by the eminent immigration historian, Nils William Olsson, Ph.D., F.A.S.G., and edited by him until 1998. Nils William Olsson passed away in 2007.

From January 1, 2004 the editor is Elisabeth Thorsell of Järfälla, Sweden, well-known as a recipient of the Victor Örnberg Memorial Prize in 2007, the highest award of Swedish genealogy, former editor of Svenska Släktkalendern (Swedish Family Register) and other genealogical publications. Author of a manual on Swedish genealogy (in Swedish), now in its third edition.
She also has extensive experience in doing Swedish research for Americans.

Send her ideas, articles, copies of old documents, etc.

Contents of older issues can be found here.

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Some of the articles in the 2015 March issue of SAG are:

Miss Bremer goes to Minnesota, by Fredrika Bremer
The Strindin family, in Sweden and in America, by Kerstin Jonmyren
A murderer in the family, part two, by Agneta Lindau Persson
Discovering your Family's Neighborhood, by Anna Fredricks
Biography of Mrs. Clara Sophia Swanson, part 2, submitted by Charles E. West

Some of the articles in the 2015 June issue of SAG are:

A murder in 1857 in Småland, by Elisabeth Thorsell
Swedish surnames 101, by Robert M. Carlson
The search for Lillie M. Gidmark's Swedish origins, by David Anderson
History of 4-H in Pilot Rock, Umatilla Co. OR, by Gilberta Lieuallen
Ben Benson'story of the Swede Bottom Settlement, submitted by Pam Berven
What happened to the Fröberg brothers?, by Lars Brynielsson
Vestkusten is now digitized

Some of the articles in the 2015 September issue of SAG are:

Miss Bremer travels down the Mississippi, by Fredrika Bremer
The Walloons, by Robert Mattson
A fika with Leslie, by Elisabeth Thorsell
Emigrants from Össjö parish, Skåne, by Agneta Lindau Persson
Parents listed as unknown. Why?, by Elisabeth Thorsell

Some of the articles in the 2015 December issue of SAG are:

Postmark Hyssna: Connecting Swedish and American Cousins, by J. H. Fonkert
The Ghost of Västra Ed Church, by Rich Helberg
Searching for an unknown father - the eternal problem, by Jan Kärrman
Oliver Wendell Holmes - the archivist, by Pam Berven and Elisabeth Thorsell
A Swedish Cowboy in the Rockies, by Brita Butler-Wall
In California - Travel memories, by Johan L. Saxon
Ancestors of Eric R. Lund (1925-2016), by Elisabeth Thorsell

Every issue also contains a query section and often an ahnentafel, sent in by a reader. There are also book reviews and much more.

Do you want to write for Swedish American Genealogist? You can read our Guidelines for SAG Writers here.

Older issues of SAG are available online from the beginning in 1981 to the year 2011.

In Sweden most issues after 1990 are available by sending 40 SEK + 14 SEK (postage) = 54 SEK to Bankgiro 379-6943.
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Some issues older than 1989 are available from the Swenson Center.  

Subscriptions in the U.S. are $ 30 per calendar year. If you wish to subscribe, check the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center web site.

Subscriptions in Sweden are 295 SEK/year. This amount can be deposited into the Swedish Bankgiro account 379-6943 "Swedish American Genealogist".

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