ET Genealogi - Guidelines for SAG Writers

Guidelines for SAG Writers

  • Articles should be of general interest and well documented.
  • Articles can be submitted typewritten on paper or by e-mail (or by diskette), in a Windows-format.
  • Do not indent or use tabs, leave an empty line between paragraphs.
  • Do not use abbreviations, all capital letters, or underlining.
  • Manuscripts should be furnished with subheadings, otherwise the editor will add them.
  • Length between 1,000 and 3,500 words, including endnotes.
  • In dates, the name of the month should always be given in full (November, March).
  • Author’s identity: Name, address, and e-mail should be stated on the manuscript.

    Documentation should be done by endnotes. You should state if you worked with church records or not. Dates from other records than church records should be explained in endnotes.

    Photos and graphics should be scanned in 300 dpi in black and white and saved as TIF-files. They should be accompanied by accurate captions.

    Numbering for Ahnentafels: The usual style is followed: the starting person is #1, his father #2, mother #3, paternal grandfather #4, paternal grandmother #5, maternal grandfather #6, and maternal grandmother #7, and so on in consecutive generations.

    Names are normalized according to modern Swedish spellings; Kerstin (not Cherstin, Kierstin), Per (not Pehr, Pär, Peer), Arvid (not Arffue, Arfwid).

    Place names are normalized according to modern Swedish spellings: Vetlanda (not Hvetlanda), Gränna (not Grenna).

    Data provided by other researchers should be acknowledged.

    Years of birth, that have been calculated by help of death records or otherwise, should be explained in endnotes.

    Only write facts that you are certain are correct.

    Do not guess about relationships.

    Be content with the facts you can prove.

    Swedish American Genealogist reserves the right to edit all articles according to space limitations and style; however, you may receive a copy of the edited manuscript before publication for your approval.

    Swedish American Genealogist does not accept articles and book reviews already published or under consideration by other publications, unless more than 100 years old.

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