Swedish American Genealogist 2014

Some of the articles in the 2014 March issue of SAG are:

Fredrika Bremer visits Pine Lake, WI, in 1850, by Fredrika Bremer
In Memoriam: Glen Brolander, by Swenson Center
A journey from Sweden to America in 1887, by Matilda Persdotter Olson
Sophia Carolina Schön - prior to her return to Sweden in 1863, Lars-Åke Wångstedt
Murdered babies, and more from Swedish legal records, by Elisabeth Thorsell
Emigrant Traffic on the North Sea, by Nils William Olsson

Some of the articles in the 2014 June issue of SAG are:

My Swedish adventure, by Lori Ferguson
A journey from Sweden to America in 1887. part two, by Matilda Persdotter Olson
Oscar Erickson - the sad fate of a toddler, by David Anderson
The year is 1943, a lonely man in Stockholm learns folkdances, by Karna Olsson
Another letter from the Emigration Survey: #230, by Elisabeth Thorsell

Some of the articles in the 2014 September issue of SAG are:

Miss Bremer goes to Chicago, by Fredrika Bremer
Karl August, an immigrant from Stora Tuna, by Jan Kärrman
A Västergötland research example, by Elisabeth Thorsell
A new interactive Swedish-English dictionary, by Geoffrey Fröberg Morris
Småland letters, by Suzanne Erickson Wallace

Some of the articles in the 2014 December issue of SAG are:

Learning Swedish the Sjölunden Way, by Elsie Ekström Martin
Behind the scenes of Allt för Sverige, by Elisabeth Thorsell and Leif Mörkfors
Genealogy kicks!, by Norman Sundin (Pono)
In Memoriam,: Priscilla Sorknes, by Elisabeth Thorsell and Judy Olson Baouab
A murderer in the family, part one, by Agneta Lindau Persson
Finding Johanna Albertina Johansson, by Jill Seaholm
My biography, part 1, by Clara Sophia Swanson

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