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Emigrant travels

The Exit Permit

The emigrants were used to having an exit permit from their home parish, when they moved in Sweden, and they could not dream of it not being necessary to have, when they emigrated. So many of them brought this important paper with them to the U.S. Nils William Olsson wrote an interesting article about the exit permits and you can read it here.

What did the emigrants pay for their tickets?

The answer to this question depends on when the emigrant travelled, and how far.
The railroad companies and the shipping lines worked together, and so it was possible to buy a ticket directly from Målilla in Kalmar county, Sweden, to Red Wing, Minnesota.

The emigrant agents

Some examples of ticket prices

In 1923 a ticket from Göteborg to New York cost 450 kronor for 1 adult.

In 1923 a ticket from Göteborg to Kansas City cost $256 for 1 adult and 1 child. Just the boat ticket cost $202.
Above examples from the exhibition at Ellis Island, New York.

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