Swedish American Genealogist 2006

Swedish American Genealogist 2006

Some of the articles in the 2006 March issue of SAG are:

Long Ago and Far away. Part II, by Hal L. Bern
The Swedish "Wil(l)sons", by John E. Norton
"Now We Are Arrived", by Erica Olsen
A Swede Who Had an Unusual Career, by Leif and Kenth Rosmark
Going Home, by Lennart Pearson
I Found the Needle!, part II, by Jan Sokody Asp

Some of the articles in the 2006 June issue of SAG are:

The Kalendar öfver Svenskarne i Worcester, by Kay Sheldon
Andrew Gustaf Johansson Faust, by Paul A. Johnson
The Emigration from the Tornio Valley, by Sture Torikka
Prominent Swedish Congressmen in 1923, by Elisabeth Thorsell
From Stubborn Swede to General, by John E. Norton

Some of the articles in the 2006 September issue of SAG are:

A Tragic 130th Anniversary­ - The Murder of a Småland immigrant, by Magnus Ekstrand and Birger Bring
The Dahlstedts - a Family Tale, by Carol Bern
Swedish-American Lodges, by Jill Seaholm
Genealogical Abstracts from Rock Island, Ill., by Elisabeth Thorsell
The Åland Island's Emigrant Institute, by Eva Meyer

Some of the articles in the 2006 December issue of SAG are:

A pioneer from the 1850s ­- Hans Mattson tells the story of Vasa, by Hans Mattson
Augustana Summer School in Sweden, by Christina Peterson
An almost forgotten tragedy at sea - the Empress of Ireland, by Elisabeth Thorsell
A Swedish Treaure-Trove - SVAR, by Elisabeth Thorsell

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