Swedish American Genealogist 2005

Swedish American Genealogist 2005

Some of the articles in the 2005 March issue of SAG are:

The Swedish-Born Orphan, by Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak
The Farm names of Dalarna, by Elisabeth Thorsell
Treasures in Rock Island, part II, by Jill Seaholm
From Höganäs till Worcester, by P. Robert Willey
The Immigrant's Best Friend, by Elisabeth Thorsell
The Staff at the SAG Workshop, by Fran Paulson

Some of the articles in the 2005 June issue of SAG are:

At the Portal of America, by Karen J. Sangren
Long Ago and Far Away, by Hal Bern
I Read It in the Paper!, by Elisabeth Thorsell
The Archbishop and Augustana, by John E. Norton
Söderblom and the Augustana Synod, by Gustav Andreen
The Swedish Archives: Leksand, by Elisabeth Thorsell
Travel in Great Britain, by Duane P. Swanson

Some of the articles in the 2005 September issue of SAG are:

A Clerical Survey, by Karen Livsey
To Find Him Alone, by L. G. Abrahamson
Some Figures of Infant Mortality, by Elisabeth Thorsell
Höganäs, Sweden, to Bloomington, Illinois, by P. Robert Willey
A New Great Tool - Emibas, by Elisabeth Thorsell
Ahnentafel L: Frank Carlson, by Elisabeth Thorsell and Susan Hoppe
Swedish Legal Records, by Elisabeth Thorsell

Some of the articles in the 2005 December issue of SAG are:

Christmas as Celebrated in My Childhood, by Nils William Olsson
The Jacob Fahlstrom Challenge, by Elinor Barr
Hunting for American Relatives, by Anita Carlsson
No Memories are Dearer, by Conrad Bergendoff
On Both Sides of the Atlantic, by G. A. Brandelle
Genomics: A New Tool, by Dennis L. Johnson
I Found the Needle, by Jan Sokody Asp
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