Swedish American Genealogist 2004

Swedish American Genealogist 2004

Some of the articles in the 2004 March issue of SAG are:

Abraham Lincoln's Swedish photographer, by Nils William Olsson
Listening to the prairie, by Dennis L. Johnson
"Brooklyn Daily Eagle", by Elisabeth Thorsell
An emigrant's different life story, by Kerstin Jonmyren
Swedish-American Organizations: SAHS, by H. Arnold Barton
The Swedish Archives: Vadstena, by Elisabeth Thorsell
Ahnentafel XLIX: Richard Bong, by Elisabeth Thorsell

Some of the articles in the 2004 June issue of SAG are:

A Visit with the Children in the Woods (Maine), by Elisabeth Thorsell
Listening to the prairie II, by Dennis L. Johnson
The Swedish Archives: Arninge, by Elisabeth Thorsell
The Swedish Bishop Hill-society, by Lars-Ove Johansson
The Philadelphia Viking Symposium, by Dennis L. Johnson
Great-grandmother's strange name-change, by Edith E. Anderson
The Örberga Poorhouse, by Gerda Tell and Ann Little

Some of the articles in the 2004 September issue of SAG are:

Who are these Swedish immigrants of Attleboro, Mass.?, by Darlene Johnson Norman
Listening to the prairie III, by Dennis L. Johnson
From Sweden to Iowa: The Lawson Family, by Marilyn Bode
Great-Grandpa was a soldier, by Elisabeth Thorsell
Names in Sweden throughout history, by Kerstin Jonmyren

Some of the articles in the 2004 December issue of SAG are:

The Story of a Box, by Helene Leaf
Treasures in Rock Island, part I, by Jill Seaholm
Idun - a Women's Magazine, by Elisabeth Thorsell
Conference on Immigrant Letters, by Dag Blanck
Siknäs People - Where Are You?, by Ola Lindbäck and Henry Rönnbäck
The Hans and Karin Story, by Nils Dahlstrand
Swedes in Wilhelmina, Canada, by Ingalena Marthin
The Faithful Gather at the SAG Workshop, by Fran Paulson

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