ET Genealogi - Forskarkollegor - Research collegues

The Swedish Genealogy Group

Qualified Researchers all over Sweden

We are all native Swedish genealogists with years of experience of research in the Swedish archives. We know about Swedish church records, legal records, tax records and much more. We can read Old Swedish script, and we will report to you in English.

If you know the area your Swedish ancestor came from, do write the specialist on that area. If you do not know the exact area, write to anyone of us, with as many details as possible, and we will try to find a solution for you.

Östergötland, Småland and Öland. Stockholm:
Elisabeth Thorsell, Hästskovägen 45, S-175 39 Järfälla, Sweden
Phone: +46 8-580 188 97

Öland, Gotland and Sweden in general:
Kerstin Jonmyren, Vintervägen 16, S-611 36 Nyköping, Sweden.

Dalarna, Uppland, Västmanland and Sweden in general:
Jan Kärrman, Banérgatan 10B, S-752 37 Uppsala, Sweden

Kjerstin Olofsson, Lars väg 7, S-515 35 Viskafors, Sweden
Phone: +46 33-29 42 46

Gävleborg, Västernorrland, Västerbotten and Norrbotten:
Agneta Olofsson, Kastellgatan 26, S-871 31 Härnösand, Sweden
Phone: +46 611-221 85

Bo Nordenfors, Tage Erlanders väg 62, S-227 62 Lund, Sweden
Phone: +4646291543

Skåne, Halland and Blekinge:
Ingrid Nilsson, Olivia Nordgrens gata 6, S-231 43 Trelleborg, Sweden
Phone:+46 410-163 76

Annika Gylling, Norra Fogdelyckegatan 27 F, S-374 38 Karlshamn, Sweden.
Phone: +46 457-806 46

Stockholm (Riksarkivet, Stadsarkivet, Krigsarkivet, Uppland m.m.) and Sweden in general:
Ulf Berggren, Stridsbergavägen 2, S-163 41 Spånga, Sweden.
Phone: +46 8 36 78 69

If you call us, remember the time zone differences!

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