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15 May 2008
Alarming news have been posted about the Swedish Emigrant Institute in Vxj
3 December 2007
A new section has been started, Life Stories, where actual stories about the immigrants' experiences will be posted.
2 December 2007
Updates have been done to the page on Swedish Church Records, and to the Links page
8 June 2007
An article on the farmnames of Dalarna has been added.
11 February 2007
A list of emigrants from Nordmark has been added

22 December 2005
An article on Politician John Hanson has been added
6 November 2005
An article on Swedish Legal Records has been added
21 August 2005
A number of Useful Articles have been added. The contents can be rather varied, right now there is one on The Central Soldier's Index, one on Citing Sources...
More will come!

10 July 2004
The SAG article has been updated.
Guidelines for SAG Writers have been added.

9 April 2003
A list of qualified researchers has been added

7 October 2002
About the devastating fire that burned down Mattias' house and killed young Richard.

5 July 2002
A new picture from the christening of grandson Filip

19 January 2002
An article about exit permits was added
A few links were added

29 December 2001
This site was reorganized today

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